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Drs. Fisch and Mizraji are both assets to Ventura County.  I have worked closely with their office for over 10 years.   It is very clear that they put their patients best interests first and they will go the extra mile to ensure the best care is delivered.  Drs. Fisch and Mizraji are both excellent communicators, they demonstrate exceptional clinical skills and are very empathetic.   Some of my best clinical outcomes occur when I have collaborated with these doctors.   They are professionals in every way.

– Jeremy Wilgus, DDS 

Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology 

I always appreciate your professional and caring service, including Dr. Fisch’s explanation of dental treatment options so that I know what is available and can make an informed decision. The entire office staff is great!
-Janet K.

Dr. Mizraji is just amazing and kind. How can you not love the massage chairs, movies and personal phone calls. Best dentist EVER!
-Melanie L.

It is always amazing how pleasant your whole office makes a dental visit!
-Helen A.

Thanks for making my experience with you all so great. You all are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
-Michael Q.

I’ve been a regular client for over 20 years and have always felt pleased with the quality of care and friendliness of staff and doctors. I really get that you are constantly trying to improve and stay informed about the latest advances in the field. This is very important to me. Thank you for your excellent service!
-David L.

Doctors Fisch, Mizraji and their staff are amazing. It is like coming home to family when I come to the office. There is always a smile and a kind word to greet me. When I have an emergency, they are diligent to ensure that I get in and out quickly. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT Ventura Center for Dental Health.
-Karen P.

I’ve never stuck with one dentist this long (12 years) before but I feel this practice really cares for their patients and their whole well being. I get excellent dental care and intend to continue being your patient as long as you’ll have me. Thanks for making me feel at ease and cared for!
:o) -Vicki T.

Dr. Fisch has always been THE best dentist I’ve ever gone to, plus he’s always had the best staff ,as well. I DO recommend Dr. Fisch’s office to anyone who’s looking for a dentist.
-Mark T.

Dr. Mizraji is the absolute best. My husband and I have sent many friends and family members to your office and they are all very happy with him. His supporting staff is very friendly and kind as well, but the dentist sets your practice apart from the rest.
-Sara B.

Dr. Fisch and Dr. Mizraji are kind and professional and I feel as if I am in the best of hands when in their care. I also appreciate the service I’ve had at all levels, from the office staff to the hygienists.
-Todd T.

I always feel like my sensitive personal issues regarding anything to do with coming to the dentist’s office is valued. When you ask if I am comfortable, or if I need something, and thanking me for MY patience is so very much appreciated!
Thank you,

We would not know what to do without the loving care Bryan, Alex and the staff give us.
-Ron and Marje

Never have I experienced a dentist as skilled, sincerely caring and multitalented as I have with Dr. Fisch. It was a surprise to receive a personal follow-up call from him after some heavy-duty dental work! Not only is he a perfectionist in his practice, but he also possesses an acute awareness of detail involving the aesthetics associated with dentistry.
Thank you!
-Eugenia P.

The over all atmosphere of warmth and friendliness puts one at ease.
-Ysmael G.

Fantastic…I rave about my dentists to anyone willing to listen to me 🙂
-Shirley C.

How many times do I have to tell you how wonderful all of you are? From the time I enter the office, until I exit, it has ALWAYS been a great experience. Keep up the EXCELLENT work.

You rate better than Excellent!!!!! Who else travels 3,000 miles to make sure their family has the best dental care.
-Rachel R.

It’s always a pleasure to come in for an appointment….your whole staff is amazingly friendly and efficient and I have always recommended you to anyone I know who’s looking for a great dentist!
-Judy T.

FABULOUS, as always! Otherwise, I would not keep coming back! Keep up the great work, all of you!
-Suzanne C.

I would not travel from Long Beach area to Ventura to see Dr. Mizraji and his staff if they weren’t all excellent from start to finish!!! The whole staff is nothing but professional, thorough impeccable on every aspect of going to the dentist and making it a great experience.
-Kathy B.

I have traveled throughout the US for 30 years with my company and I have learned what a good and bad dentist is. Drs. Fisch and Mizraji can not be beat. From the first visit to today they are the best in the business.
-Don B.

Without question the best dentist me or my family has ever had. I would go on to say that the level of service/satisfaction rates at the top of any encounter in both my personal and professional life.
Thank you.
-Robert G.

For 25 years, the personnel in your office have taken marvelous care of my teeth….and those of my family…and those of my friends.
Thank you.
-Jean S.